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In the wake of Gov. Hogan’s veto of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, we have seen a forceful and resounding response calling for an override of the veto from parents, students, community members, and elected leaders. Below are some of the pieces we have been reading over the last few weeks.

 Deborah Bailey, Special to the Afro:Hogan Education Vetoes Anger Many

“We know that there are students across this State that are losing millions of hours of learning,” House Speaker Adrienne Jones (D-Baltimore County) said in a statement. “The result of this short-sighted action is Maryland will continue to graduate students that are not ready for the real world, Jones said of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future veto.”

Josh Kurtz, Editor of Maryland Matters: School Inequality Is Only Going to Get Worse. Who Can Fix It?

“Lost in the last-minute legislative fights over the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, the extensive and expensive education reform package, and the inevitable cries in the face of economic calamity that the state simply cannot afford it at this time, was the genesis of the plan: The notion that the Maryland school system was failing way too many kids.”

Matt Barnum, ChalkBeat: School closures mean an estimated 200K child mistreatment claims have gone unreported 

“The latest paper confirms another recent study illustrating the critical role schools play in reporting child abuse and neglect.”

Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young in the Washington Post:Maryland’s education reforms don’t have to be a casualty of coronavirus

“Back in February, I traveled to Annapolis to join elected leaders from Montgomery and Frederick counties to advocate for Kirwan. We all viewed it as our single best chance to drastically improve educational outcomes for all children in Maryland.”

Delegate Barnes (District 25) and Delegate Washington (District 22):Hogan Vetoes Landmark Bills for Children and Families During a Pandemic

“These disparities have had devastating implications for Maryland’s black and brown communities in particular. Currently, 72% of white students enroll in college one year after graduation, compared to just 52% of their black counterparts. Additionally, just 16% of black students met or exceeded expectations in Algebra 1, compared to 56% of white students. These are just a few indicators of the growing opportunity gap between different groups of children.”

The Education Trust: Through Our Eyes: Perspectives and Reflections From Black Teachers

“These critiques are imperative, not only for diversifying the workforce, but for building an educator workforce more representative of its population and more capable of serving an increasingly diverse population of students.”

Delegate Stephanie Smith (District 45): “Hogan Makes It Clear We Were Never ‘All in This Together

“Maryland’s economic fate will not be steadied nor improved by scrapping the education Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, overdue funding for Maryland’s four public Historically Black Colleges and Universities and public safety legislation rooted in prevention.”

The Harvard Gazette: The pandemic’s impact on education

A conversation with former secretary of education for Massachusetts, Paul Reville

Baltimore County Executive John “Johnny O” Olszewski Jr.:School construction can’t wait; override Hogan’s veto

“Whether by design or mistake, in vetoing the Blueprint, Governor Hogan has also deprived Marylanders of critical school construction dollars provided by the Built to Learn Act — a bipartisan bill, overwhelmingly supported by the state legislature. Baltimore County alone was set to receive nearly half a billion dollars in desperately needed support to address our rapidly aging and insufficient school buildings.”

By the way –– Have you let your elected representative know you expect them to override the veto during the next legislative session? If not, click here to add your voice. 

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