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Advocate for World Class Schools

It's time to stand up and speak out to ensure that the Blueprint for Maryland's Future is implemented with fidelity. 

Use the resources and tools on this page to advocate for World Class Schools and a brighter, more prosperous future for all Marylanders.


Write or record a testimony about the AIB's draft Comprehensive Implementation Plan.

The AIB (Accountability & Implementation Board) just released the draft of their Comprehensive Implementation Plan.

We need YOU to submit a video or written testimony letting the AIB know that you want a more cohesive implementation plan that orients our schools for success.

Take some time to look over the AIB's draft plan, as well as MSDE's Implementation Template, and Criteria for Success.

In the video below, our executive director, Shamoyia Gardiner, provides testimony laying out the improvements that Strong Schools Maryland and the Blueprint Coalition have determined to be priorities in any Comprehensive Implementation Moving Forward.

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