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More Resources So All Students Can Succeed

The foundation of a world-class education in Maryland under The Blueprint for Maryland's Future for education will require a system designed to meet the needs of all students so they can be successful; additional supports and services for students who need them to stay on track for college and career readiness; equitable learning outcomes regardless of a student's family income, race, ethnicity, disability, or other characteristics; and supports and services that address the needs of children in communities with high poverty rates, high crime rates, and those that ack of access to adequate health care and social services, with resources provided at the school level and in the community.


Blueprint Initiatives to Ensure All Students Succeed

Feel Like Something's Missing? Build From the Blueprint!

We know that no one law can create world-class schools and systemic educational equity on its own. Implementation, policy evaluation, and continued advocacy are necessary to get there together. Let us make community-building easy.

Share your ideas with us and join a Strong Schools Team near you to learn more!

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