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The Report Card: MDGA '23 Kickoff Edition

The Report Card • Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Welcome back to The Report Card, Strong Schools Maryland’s 2023 Session Newsletter. Today we’re ringing the opening bell along with the Maryland General Assembly, and we’ll be with you every Wednesday to check in and keep you updated on what’s going on in Annapolis.


For today’s General Assembly Opening Day, we’re sharing our 2023 Legislative Agenda, to help you better understand our priorities over the next 90 days and beyond. This is Working for World Class Schools:

  1. Supporting the Implementation of the Blueprint

  2. Strong, Student-Oriented Community Schools

  3. Safe Learning Environments for All


📅 Drop-In Opportunities This year, you'll be able to drop in on us in Annapolis in person and virtually. Each week, you can check this section for times and dates to come do a quick action with Strong Schools Maryland. 🥳 Upcoming Events

  • Monday, February 13 @ ??? Blueprint Day 2023 Join Strong Schools Maryland and the Coalition for the Blueprint for Maryland's Future as we take over Annapolis with special guests, fun activities, and opportunities to work for World Class Schools (RSVP)

🪧 Start or Join a Team of 10 In 2020, people like you stood up, spoke out, and passed the Blueprint for Maryland's Future. In 2023, we want you to help us make sure that Maryland keeps our promise: Sign up here to start or join a Team of 10 in your county – we're going to need all the help we can get.

That's it for this week, join us again next Wednesday for The Report Card, and forward this to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who wants to get the latest on the Blueprint in their inbox. For the Future, Strong Schools Maryland

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