The 2020 Session of the Maryland General Assembly saw the passage of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, often referred to as the “Kirwan” legislation. While the session was unique due to the threat from the international COVID-19 pandemic, this initial victory would not be possible without the thousands of Strong Schools Maryland volunteers across the state and the work of the dozens of allied organizations. Our collective efforts pushed this generation defining legislation all the way to the Governor’s desk. 

The Blueprint passed the Maryland House of Delegates by a vote of 96-38, and it passed the Maryland Senate by a vote of 37-9, including six Republican votes. Now, it rests on Governor Hogan’s desk, waiting for his decision; he has three options:

• Sign it into law

• Let the law go into effect without his signature

• Veto it

Should Governor Hogan choose to veto the Blueprint For Maryland’s Future, his veto can be overridden by the General Assembly with a vote of 60% of each legislative chamber. In the House, that would require 85 votes and in the Senate that would require 29 votes.

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