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The Worksheet: July 2022

The Strong Schools Newsletter


It's time again for THE WORKSHEET, Strong Schools Maryland's monthly newsletter. This month, we're talking to you about coming to see you in your hometown on the Tour For Maryland's Future.


The Tour for Maryland’s Future is underway, and it is taking the Strong Schools Maryland Team all across the state.

We kicked off the festivities earlier this month in Worcester County, and we have plans to visit all 24 counties in Maryland before the end of the summer.

We would love to see what makes your community so vibrant and unique next. Use this form to host a stop on the Tour for Maryland's Future.



🔎 AIB (Accountability & Implementation Board) Updates

The Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) has been hosting a series of presentations on strategic planning for implementation.

The most recent meeting was July 20th, and focused on Blueprint pillars 3 and 4: College and Career Readiness, and Resource Equity.

We want you to know that now (and not during the next session of the General Assembly) is the best time to ask The AIB direct questions, and get thoughtful answers and followup from the board themselves. Participating in these planning presentations is paramount to having influence on the Blueprint implementation plan moving forward. Make sure your voice is heard.

The next meeting is tomorrow (Thursday), July 28th @ 3:30pm, and will focus on Blueprint pillar #1: Early Childhood Education. Click here to register and join.

By the way, The AIB is hiring a Finance Director to manage the fiscal and procurement operations of the AIB. Interested? Click here to apply.

🎓 MSDE (Maryland State Depatrment of Education) Updates

Yesterday, the MSDE convened a meeting which covered, among other topics, Blueprint pillar 2: High Quality & Diverse Teachers and School Leaders.

The presentation was entitled "Deep Dive on Maryland’s Teacher Workforce: Supply, Demand, and Diversity." You can watch a replay of the livestream here, on YouTube.

(P.S. The MSDE Strategic Planning Survey is still ongoing. Fill it out if you haven't yet.)


📍 Teams of 10 are the best way for you to get involved in the work of bringing World Class Schools to Maryland.

If you’re passionate about educational equity and see the immense potential of the Blueprint, you can help your community take action this summer by:

Hosting a house meeting with your friends, family, and neighbors ✅ Inviting Strong Schools Maryland to deliver trainings on the Blueprint to your organization ✅ Creating space at a summer event for a Strong Schools Maryland info table

That's it for this month's edition of THE WORKSHEET, but stay engaged, and help your community to get involved. There are so many ways to plug in, and we'd love for you to be a part of our team(s).

For the Future,

Strong Schools Maryland

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