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Welcome back to The Worksheet, Strong Schools Maryland's monthly newsletter.

School is back in session and you’ve already helped us to make Stronger Maryland Public Schools by holding our Comptroller Candidates accountable (Comptrollers handle money, get it? Is this thing on?)



Last week, we called on candidates for Maryland Comptroller (Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, and District 46 Delegate Brooke Lierman) to make a commitment to transparency and accountability to Marylanders by promising to make a “Public Commitment to Public Education” by showing us the funding progress of the Blueprint fund at least once each year.

Read what they had to say:



🔎 AIB (Accountability & Implementation Board) Updates

The Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board is currently working on the draft Comprehensive Implementation Plan – due the week of October 16th – when the draft plan will open for public comment. Keep an eye out for information on how to make your voice heard about the draft plan.

The Public Hearing on the draft Comprehensive Implementation will take place on November 10, at 5:30pm. The location and relevant links will be updated on the AIB website closer to the event.

🎓 MSDE (Maryland State Depatrment of Education) Updates

This month the Maryland State Department of Education met on Tuesday September 27 and featured a deep dive into Coordinated Community Supports and Data about Students with Disabilities. You can watch the recording of the livestream and download the agenda here.

(P.S. The MSDE Strategic Planning Survey is still ongoing. Fill it out if you haven't yet.)



Our new Local Organizer, Maya Bond, is working with Team Leaders across Maryland to produce awesome outcomes for Marylanders, and we want you to be a part of it.

Need help to start a Team of 10 in your district. Click here to set up a 1-on-1 with Maya (via Calendly), or reach her via email at


The Tour for Maryland's Future is still going strong!Want Strong Schools Maryland to lead a training or workshop in your neighborhood? Bring the Tour for Maryland's Future to your community!

With the General Election fast-approaching, we’ll be calling on people like you to reach out to more state and local candidates to ask for their Public Commitment to Public Education, so be on the lookout between now and our next issue of The Worksheet for ways to get involved.

For the Future,

Strong Schools Maryland

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