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In 2022, Strong Schools Maryland commissioned this updated return on investment (ROI) report from the Sage Policy Group, due to our concerns about the impacts of the Governor’s veto (and, subsequently, the delayed Blueprint implementation timeline) on the benefits provided by the law.

This updated ROI report makes it clear that the full funding and faithful, equitable implementation of the Blueprint must be the number one education, civic, and economic priority for everyone in the state of Maryland.

Our 2022 Update of the original ROI report provided us with three key findings. Broadly, they are:

  • A lightening of the fiscal burden on state and local governments relative to the 2019 measure–by about
    $16.5 billion!

  • Blueprint investment returns beginning a year earlier – even with the new implementation timeline!

  • Maryland’s total fiscal breakeven point occurs three years earlier, in fiscal year 2038

Read the entire 2022 ROI Report below or click below to tweet about what you learned!

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