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Keep The Promise:
Voices for a Fully Funded Future

Your voice matters! Tell us about your greatest hopes for the future the Blueprint will create

What to include in your video

  • Your first name and the county/city where you live.

  • Tell us why it is important to fully fund the promise made by the Blueprint.

  • Finish with "and that's why I'm calling on the Maryland General Assembly and the Moore-Miller Administration to pass Fair Share legislation in 2025.

What makes a great video?

  • If you're recording from your phone, record vertically!

  • Be sure your video is less than 30 seconds long

  • Record with the light shining on your face, not behind you.

How to share your demand for a fully funded future

1. Record your video on your phone or computer.​

2. Upload your video at this Drive link or use the form below to email it to ‬ Be sure to include your name and city/county. 

3. By submitting, you agree to allow us to share your video on social media, via email, and on other promotional mediums. 

Email if you encounter any difficulties!

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