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The Worksheet • June 2023

The Worksheet • June 2023

Welcome back to Strong Schools Maryland's monthly newsletter, The Worksheet. It's (more or less) summer, so let's make like a swimming pool and dive right in 🤿

☀️ This summer, Strong Schools Maryland is bringing back the Tour for Maryland's Future because we want to learn more about the issues impacting public education in your community. Click below to learn more about the Tour and how to get involved!


a telephone with text "share your feedback"

The AIB needs your feedback on local implementation.

Right now, the Accountability & Implementation Board is collecting feedback on local implementation plans, and we want to make sure your voice is heard.



Baltimore City Team Leaders, Alice Burley and Dr. Deborah Carter stepped up big time with their help on our local implementation plan review, submitting reviews for two counties.

This herculean effort will help the Strong Schools Maryland network better understand what resources each county needs for Blueprint implementation.

Great job, Team Leaders!



📐 Thursday, June 8 @ 1pm The AIB will have their regularly scheduled monthly meeting (tune in here)

📻 Thursday, June 8 @ 6pm Join your host (and our Local Organizer) Maya as she sits down with Hannah Bollack, Youth Engagement Coordinator for SHIP Frederick as well as Strong Schools Maryland’s own Teams of 10 Organizer, Jamal Turner. Broadcasting live from



Want to volunteer for the Tour for Maryland's Future? Fill in this form to indicate your availability.

🪧 Start or Join a Team of 10

In 2020, people like you stood up, spoke out, and passed the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

In 2023, we want you to help us make sure that Maryland lawmakers #KeepThePromise of World Class Schools: Sign up here to start or join a Team of 10 in your county – we're going to need all the help we can get.


Some final, important thoughts for this month –

Get started by heading to or by calling (toll free) 855-642-8572 to check in with medicaid today.

We want to see you this summer and talk with you about our plans for 2024, and maybe share a burger and a frosty glass of iced tea 🍻, but we'll need your help to get there – please consider making a contribution today to fund the work we do and keep us out on the road this summer!

And please forward this to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who wants to get the latest on the Blueprint in their inbox.

For the Future,

Strong Schools Maryland

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