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The Strong Schools Maryland 2023 End of Session Report

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Download the Strong Schools Maryland  2023 End of Session Report

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Working for World Class Schools: 
The 2023 Strong Schools Maryland State Legislative Agenda

In 2023, Strong Schools Maryland is Working for World Class Schools. 

We believe our legislative priorities this year, which you can read on this page, will ensure that Maryland's public schools are the best in the country; regardless of zip code, racial identity, income, or immigration status.

Do you want your voice to be a part of this important mission?


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Priority I:
Supporting the Implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future 

  • Technical legislative fixes to the Blueprint law to prioritize directly impacted stakeholder engagement in the development of plans, fully fund programs, account for the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e., availability of prekindergarten programs), and more; and

  • Dedicate available funding surpluses and generate future revenue for long-term Blueprint funding to proactively address the fiscal year 28 expected shortfall in the Blueprint Special Fund.

Priority II:
Strong, Student-Oriented Community Schools

  • Codify clear best practices in and support the implementation of the nationally-evidenced Community Schools strategy through the Blueprint Concentration of Poverty grant program; and

  • Advance the enfranchisement and agency of public school students.

Priority III:
Safe Learning Environments for All

  • Investment in an integrated Restorative Practices strategy across all public schools to pre-emptively and responsively address school community behavioral and mental health needs while promoting belonging and healthy interpersonal relationships; and

  • Structural shifts away from the use of punitive discipline, policing, and other developmentally/ethically inappropriate practices to respond to student and staff needs in public schools.

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