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Strong Schools Maryland has released our 2022 End of Session Report, detailing the victories, challenges, and work remaining to be done over the next twelve months.

You can read the 2022 End of Session Report(.pdf, 3MB) below, and click here to read the county delegation reports.

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Delegates and Senators in the Maryland General Assembly convene by Delegation during the Legislative Session. Unlike standing and special committees which have representation statewide, Delegations are geographic by county and/or region. Larger counties meet independently, while smaller counties are grouped by geographic region. The distinct regions and their membership are determined by MGA leadership.

Here, we’ve grouped Delegations by the frequency of their meetings over the course of the 2022 General Assembly. A comprehensive report of the Delegations’ meetings can be found by clicking on the download button  below.

Anne Arundel County
Howard County

The Anne Arundel Senate delegation,  met bi-weekly during Session for a total of four meetings. Perhaps their largest discussion of an education-focused bill occurred early in Session with the debate and voting on SB364...

Baltimore City
Baltimore County

The Baltimore City Delegation met weekly, and hosted “Grassroots Briefings” on various policy issues, including education. Education was the topic of discussion at the January 24th briefing, featuring guest speakers State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury, BCPSS CEO Dr. Sonja Santalises, and BTU President Diamontae Brown.

The Howard County delegation combined Delegates and Senators for eight meetings throughout Session. Superintendent Dr. Martirano and Board of Education Member Watts were present for the debate regarding Howard County bill 9-22 which would permit snow days to become virtual instruction days at the discretion of the Board. 

Montgomery County
Prince George's County

The Montgomery County Delegation's Education, Elections, and Housing Committee discussed and voted upon MC2422 , which addresses the data disaggregation on race and ethnicity of MCPS students.

The Baltimore County Senate delegation met bi-weekly throughout Session, totaling seven meetings discussing key initiatives, including accelerated learning, data literacy, Covid-19 mitigation & save and supportive school environments.

Frederick County

The Frederick County House delegation met weekly throughout Session for a total of eight meetings. There were no education bills heard in this delegation.

Harford County

The Harford County House delegation met weekly totaling twelve meetings during Session. The delegation held a special session to discuss proposed legislation dealing with the Harford County Board of Education as well as a proposal for the election of the Harford County Superintendent. Constituents attended the meeting and spoke on concerns for the safety of Board members and the spreading of misinformation and harmful rhetoric.

The Prince George’s County delegation debated and voted upon a bill which would remove the current requirement that the State Board of Education must have the approval of the Governor to remove a local Board member, bringing these three counties in line with existing practices of all other counties in Maryland.

Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore delegation met jointly with Delegates and Senators weekly throughout the Session for ten total meetings.  At their February 25th meeting, the delegation welcomed Mr. Taylor, Worcester Superintendent and President of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Education Consortium which is composed of Eastern Shore Superintendents. 

Carroll County

The Carroll County House and Senate delegations met once this Session as a collective delegation. During this meeting, SB436 was discussed which would increase the compensation of members of the Carroll County Board of Education as well as clarifying that a SMOB may serve only one term.

Cecil County

The Cecil County House Delegation met twice during the 2022 Legislative Session. No education specific bills were brought before the delegation. 

The MGA website offered no detail on a Senate delegation including Cecil County.

Western Maryland
Southern Maryland

The House Western Maryland delegation met once during the 2022 Legislative Session on April 1st. No education bills were brought before the delegation. The Senate Western Maryland delegation, comprised of Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties did not indicate any meetings during the 2022 Legislative Session on the MGA website.

The Southern Maryland delegation, comprised of Charles, St Mary’s, and Calvert Counties, heard a briefing from the Superintendents of the three school systems in the delegation. 

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