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The Worksheet: October 2022


Welcome back to The Worksheet, Strong Schools Maryland's monthly newsletter.

Election Day is right around the corner, and early voting starts tomorrow, so we thought we should find out where candidates, from dog-catcher to delegate, stand on affirming (or reaffirming!) their commitment to World Class Schools.


Last week, we called on candidates up-and-down the ballot to make a Public Commitment to Public Education by taking the #BlueprintPledge. More than 55 candidates, including candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller have taken the pledge so far!

You can see if your favorites have made the commitment by clicking here

Want to take the #BlueprintPledge yourself?


🔍 AIB (Accountability & Implementation Board) Updates

The AIB's Comprehensive Implementation Plan was due last week, but we're still waiting to see it, and each day past the promised draft is one fewer day for the public to add their thoughts.

The Public Hearing on the draft Comprehensive Implementation is still scheduled to take place on November 10, at 5:30pm. The location and relevant links will be updated on the AIB website closer to the event.

🎓 MSDE (Maryland State Depatrment of Education) Updates

This month the Maryland State Department of Education met on Tuesday October 25 and featured a deep dive into Pillar 3 – New College & Career Readiness Pathways. You can watch the recording of the livestream and download the agenda here.

(P.S. The MSDE Strategic Planning Survey is still ongoing. Fill it out if you haven't yet.)


The T.E.A.M (Think, Educate, Advocate: Maryland) 22 conference is on the horizon, and we want you and your Team of 10 to be a part of it.

If you don’t have a Team of 10 yet, this is the perfect place to network and start or join one in your county with like-minded education advocates.

Want Strong Schools Maryland to lead a training or workshop in your neighborhood?Bring the Tour for Maryland's Future to your community!

That's it for this month. We hope you'll consider whether your favorite candidates have committed to the #BlueprintPledge when you think about who to vote for, because education is always on the ballot. The election begins in earnest with Early Voting tomorrow, so if you need more information about voting in Maryland (including where to vote, who can vote, and how to register same day), check out our elections resources page.

For the Future,

Strong Schools Maryland

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